Published June 17, 2021

Extending Creative Kit into Spotlight!

Over 1,000 developers have brought their apps to life with the best of Snapchat through Snap Kit. Snap Kit helps our partners enable safe logins, helps users communicate visually, and makes partner apps more engaging and delightful.

We are continuously investing in our developer tools and platform. Snap Kit is constantly evolving. And today, we are excited to announce Creative Kit for Spotlight.

We are bringing Creative Kit’s powerful sharing capabilities into Spotlight. Creative Kit for Spotlight extends the reach of Creative Kit so that Snapchatters and Snap Stars alike can enhance their Spotlight posts with content provided by partner apps, such as Voisey and Powder, the breakout app that lets players edit and share gaming video on mobile.

Spotlight posts can now be enhanced with attributed content from our partners. Attributed content will be aggregated to App Pages and these app pages will show users how their fellow Snapchatters are expressing themselves using partner content and apps. Furthermore, these app pages will help drive organic installs to help grow audiences.

Our partners are excited because of the potential for Creative Kit for Spotlight to drive new organic downloads, triggered by attributions. In the example below, the app page will increase interest in the app and it will encourage users to download the app from the app store.

This example shows a user flow that results in organic app installs

In this example, a Spotlight post has been enhanced by content from an app. The attribution of the content is attached to the story.

When clicked, the Snapchatter is directed to the content provider’s App Page. From there the Snapchatter can see how others on Snapchat are engaging with the content.

The App Page encourages Snapchatters to visit the app store, driving organic installs.

There’s Also a Pre-Set Topics API to Track Campaigns

In addition to App Page, we are making it possible to aggregate topics too in a Topic Page.

#Topics in Spotlight are useful for identification (i.e. for campaigns, challenges, trends, etc.) and content categorization (i.e. #comedy, #dogs, #sports, etc.). Developers can set up to 3 optional #Topics for each post that is shared to Spotlight to increase engagement and track campaigns (for example, “#YearInReview”).

This feature provides additional free distribution to partners and developers, including free traffic back to their app or website. We expect that Snapchatters will show Increased engagement with partners’ content. Thank you very much for checking out these exciting new Snap Kit innovations. If you want to learn more, click here to read our developer documentation.

We’d love to hear what you think. Please reach out anytime to learn more.


The Snap Kit team