Published March 10, 2021

Learn how to get started with Creative Kit & Dynamic Lenses

Today, more than 800 apps have integrated with Snap Kit, and nearly 150 million Snapchatters are engaging with these integrations every month. These app developers have been able to quickly grow their businesses and create engaging experiences with users worldwide. We continue to offer these tools to support developers, and that’s why on March 16th, we are excited to invite you to our live Developer Hour on how to get started with one of Snap Kit’s core products, Creative Kit and its latest feature, Dynamic Lenses.

With Creative Kit, you can enable your users to share lenses, stickers, filters, videos, and links, from other apps and websites with their friends on Snapchat. And with Dynamic Lenses, you can customize the shared lenses dynamically with contextually relevant data: live scores, leaderboards, weather, location & more.

Register to attend our live event on March 16th at 10:00 am (PST), where you will learn all the basics in getting started with integrating Creative Kit and Dynamic Lenses. We will conclude with a live Q&A session to answer any questions you have. See you there!