Published June 11, 2021

Summer 2021: More Snap Kit!

Over 1,000 developers have brought their apps to life with the best of Snap Kit. Snap Kit helps our partners enable safe logins, helps their users share visual communication, and make partner apps more delightful.

During this year’s Snap Partner Summit, we announced exciting enhancements to Snap Kit. Will Wu, Director of Product, described for us some of the things that Snap is building for developers.

In case you missed it please check out the 2021 Snap Partner Summit:


Sticker Kit Stickers bring your community’s personality to life through creative self-expression.

We are excited to announce our evolution of Bitmoji Kit. Over the next few weeks, we are introducing Sticker Kit to our partners. Sticker Kit will offer all the functionality of Bitmoji Kit and more. Partners will be able to access thousands of Snap Stickers, Bitmojis, and millions of GIFs all from one location.

Developers can now pick from a library of thousands of assets and millions of GIFs. Partners are excited because Sticker Kit will increase engagement by making an app’s UX more appealing to Snapchatters.

Version 1 features an API that will allow for text searching by keyword and content type. Sticker Kit is built on top of Creative Tools and the Search Infrastructure platform. It works in both authenticated and unauthenticated environments.

Creative Kit for Spotlight Creative Kit is like a share button for Snapchat.

We also are announcing enhancements to Creative Kit, bringing its sharing capabilities into Spotlight. Creative Kit for Spotlight extends the reach of Creative Kit so that Snapchatters and Snap Stars alike can enhance their Spotlight posts with content provided by partner apps.

This enhancement brings Creative Kit’s sharing workflow into Spotlight. Posts can now be enhanced with attributed content from partner apps. Attributed content will be aggregated to App Pages and these App Pages will enable Snapchatters to see how their fellow users interact with partner apps.

Partners are excited because of the potential of Creative Kit for Spotlight to drive new organic downloads, triggered by attributions within the Spotlight posts. In the example below, the App Page will increase interest in the app to encourage users to download the partner app from the app store.


Some Great Example of Snap Kit integrations Among our partners, here are a few examples of excellent integrations.


VSCO is the gold standard for innovative creative tools used for photo and video editing — with a vibrant community of creators who frequently share to Snapchat.

VSCO implemented Login Kit to make it even easier for Snapchatters to create VSCO accounts. VSCO also integrated Creative Kit so their users could quickly share their creative visual communications back to Snapchat.

Snap Kits used by VSCO:

  • Creative Kit sharing to Snapchat
  • Login Kit



Bumble made headlines in 2021 for its spectacular IPO.

The dating site’s mission is to return control of the conversation to women. Their story is inspiring.

Bumble continues to innovate, integrating with Camera Kit to elevate their video conversations. In May 2021, Bumble launched video notes, powered by Snapchat Lenses, to make those first conversations more special.

Snap Kits used by Bumble:

  • Camera Kit
  • Bitmoji



Spotify led the way in delivering streaming audio globally.

Spotify recognized early the value of sharing the songs their listeners loved into the Snap camera to grow its audience.

With Creative Kit, Spotify made it possible for Snapchatters to drop their favorite songs into their Story to share with friends.

Snap Kits used by Spotify:

  • Creative Kit



sendit is one of the world’s leading influencer platforms and an early publisher of lens games.

With Snap Kit’s dynamic lenses, sendit rose to the top of the app store, generating 1 million app installs in its first month after launch. The integration enabled friends to challenge one another to fun games played out within Snap’s camera.

Snap Kits used by sendit:

  • Creative Kit
  • Dynamic Lenses
  • Login Kit
  • Bitmoji


Thank you very much for checking out these exciting new Snap Kit innovations. We’d love to hear what you think. Please reach out anytime to learn more.

The Snap Kit team.